Western Vibe

 Vest - Denim & Supply // Dress - LOFT (old, similar here) // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Shades - Ray-Ban

Hey y'all! ;)

I thought I'd give a few life updates since it's been a while since I last posted:

- I was offered a promotion! I've really bounced around at work with my jobs in the year that I've been employed with the company. I still love the people and what I do, which I realize for a first job out of college is something I should not take for granted nor forget!

-Speaking of my work and college, it's been one year since I graduated from MSU. Unreal. And I'm approaching my one year anniversary at my current place of employment. Even more unreal.

-My Europe trip is 3 weeks away! I already started planning my outfits ;) I probably should practice packing...

-After way too long of a break, I've begun running again! And holy guacamole, I am out of shape! I'm literally beginning from square one with my running base, which hasn't happened since I had mono 5 years ago! My poor calves did not know what hit them when I ran a hilly 4 mile route Sunday.

-I've been reading a lot lately. My new favorite book: The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel by Katja Millay. Add this to your summer must-read list if it is not on there already! As soon as I finished it, I started re-reading it; I loved it that much.

-My department at work is going for drinks/dinner at a whiskey bar and restaurant tomorrow...think this outfit would work? ;)


  1. Love your bracelets http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  2. your hair is really cute in these!!