Take Me Out to the Ball Game

T-shirt - Nike // Jacket - Mango (similar here in white) // Pants - J.Crew // Shoes - Valentino // Necklace - Urban Outfitters // Shades - Ray-Ban

Springtime = Baseball time here in The Mitten, and I finally was able to experience it on Monday! I recently won a pair of tickets to a Tigers game through work - thanks to my guesstimation skills on how many peanuts were in a jar - and so my Dad and I made the trip to the Motor City to watch our team beat the Twins! It was a gorgeous spring evening and a fun game and now I definitely have to go back for some more!

I picked up this shirt at the ballpark and I can't seem to take it off...the material is so soft and comfortable I just want to live in it forever! Plus it is my favorite color shade of gray and has the old Tigers logo that I love. You can bet this will be part of my summer uniform, and hopefully makes another appearance at Comerica Park soon!

-Meagan :)


Springtime Florals

Dress - ASOS // Purse - J.Crew // Booties - Old Navy // Rings - ASOS, H&M // Shades - Illesteva

 The grass is finally green and winter coats are no longer needed! 

To be honest, I had been in quite a funk with finding inspiration for this blog and outfit ideas and I know it was all due to the weather. But now the sun is shining, sending down warm rays on my pale face, and I want to spend as much time outdoors as possible!

 I bought this dress on a frigid cold day in January and have been waiting for the opportunity to pull it out and wear. The bright print of the flowers brightens my mood making me want to twirl all the time! :)

Happy Spring!!


I'm Back! + Festifools


Hi everyone!!

My blogging fell off the face of the Earth this past month, but I'm back! Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you have all the time in the world and then the next thing you know you barely have time to breathe? That's what the past few weeks have been like for me since my trip to Chicago. Between work, my math class, and house sitting, I just lost track of time! Not to mention the house I watched did not have wifi so I was able to enjoy being "unplugged" for a while.

As stressed as I had been, I really wish I had made time to keep up with Running on Coffee. This blog has become an outlet for me; when things around me feel like they're out of my control, this little webpage of mine brings me peace and something that I can direct and steer to what I want.

With that being said, I'm going to make it a goal of mine to regularly post despite the craziness that may be happening around me! I won't make any guarantees that I won't slip up, I'm only human after all ;)

These pictures above are from the past weekend. I went back to my Alma Mater for the first time since graduation (Eeek, it's almost been a year since then!) and enjoyed the "Festifools" Parade in Ann Arbor on Sunday. The parade was created by a professor from University of Michigan who taught a general education Art class. The students' final project was to create these larger than life marionette type sculptures that would be shown in a parade in Ann Arbor. The parade is only a few years old, but it has really hit the ground running judging by the number of people who were there! These are the sorts of things that make me love where I live :)

Have a great week everyone! It's good to be back :)
- Meagan