Sea of Blues {In my Happy Place}

 Jacket - Tory Burch // Sweater - Ann Taylor (similar) // Shirt - J.Crew (on sale!) // Pants - J.Crew Factory (on sale for 50% off!) // Shoes - Sperry // Purse - Dooney & Bourke (want this bag!) // Shades - Ray-Ban

I've been home for less than 24 hours and am already daydreaming of being Up North again. Caribbean blue water, the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, Roast & Toast coffee, and laughing until you cry playing games with the family. Yep, I need to go back ASAP.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Weekend!


Army Green + Hot Pink

 Shirt - Zoa // Jacket - Joie (also here) // Jeans - J Brand // Sandals - J.Crew (similar here) // Watch - Target // Bracelet - H&M // Necklace - Urban Outfitters // Shades - Illesteva

Word to the wise: do not take pictures on a breezy day and expect your hair to cooperate. It will not.

I saw this photo on Stockholm Streetstyle and was inspired to pair army green and hot pink together with my own take on the color combo. The toughness of the green with the vividness and girlyness of the pink is an unexpected color that works well and I can't get enough of it! There is something about mixing the rough and tough with more feminine pieces that makes them complement each other so nicely, it is fun to experiment and find fun, new combinations!

What are some of your favorite combinations of colors or types of clothing that you like to pair together? I'd love to know! :)

Happy almost holiday weekend...T-4 days, we can make it! ;)


Black + White


 Sweater - ASOS // Shirt - Ragstock (similar here) // Leggings - Nike (similar) // Boots - Isabel Marant // Clutch - Target // Shades - Ray-Ban

While I do love this tribal print sweater I am hoping today was the last day of the spring I had to wear it...I just want swimsuit season! 

The past few weeks I have been feeling this anticipation bubbling up inside me knowing that Up North cottage season is just around the corner. Our family's cottage is my absolute favorite place in the world and every year I somehow grow more and more fond of it. Since I used most of my vacation days on my big trip I have planned, the trips Up North will be fewer and shorter this year sadly so I have to make the most of every single one! 

Our first trip is planned for Memorial weekend and I feel like a little kid counting down the days to Christmas: way.too.excited. Although I may need to keep this sweater out of storage for a little while longer...it snowed Up North on Sunday! Here's to hoping it warms up and fast ;)



Bedazzled Boho

 Shirt - ASOS // Shorts - VS PINK (want this pair) // Ankle Booties - Isabel Marant (similar) // Jewelry - ASOS, H&M (similar) // Shades - Ray-Ban

 For the past week I've been meeting my dad after work and going for a 5 mile walk with him through our favorite parks. Ann Arbor gets its name from the large number of trees found in the city and it does its best to preserve the nature for all to enjoy. Ann Arbor is the equivalency of a small Portland, Oregon and you will find many people biking, running, and being active all year round throughout the city and parks. The best part is most of the nature parks are connected or close enough together where you never have to repeat areas when working out!

I quickly snapped these pictures at the park before I changed into walking clothes and got all sweaty :) There are three farm ducks that were dropped off and now live at the park and I'm obsessed with...they are so cute! The trio wander around together and are surprisingly friendly; sadly, they were not in the mood for a photo op :(

I hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! Mine will be spent in Grand Rapids with my sisters then visiting my Grandma and jumping off hay bales on my uncle's dairy farm. :)



One Piece, Two Ways: Mint Green Jacket

Jacket - Joie

Outfit on Left: Dress - Madewell // Wallet - Rebecca Minkoff // Bracelet - Michael Kors // Shoes - L.A.M.B.

Outfit on Right: Peplum - DKNY // Jeans - Current/Elliott // Purse - Rebecca Minkoff // Ankle booties - Sam Edelman // Necklace - Baublebar (sold out, similar here)

In light of the spring season and recent monochromatic trend, I put together these two outfits to show how you can incorporate the trend in a more conservative manner.

The Joie jacket pictured above and that I'm currently obsessing over makes for a great day-to-night transitional piece due to its silk material, being light enough for the day but enough at night when the air gets a little chilly. Plus that mint green color is to die for!

What do you think of the monochromatic trend?
 Are you all for it and rocking the trend in full out one color all over, or are you more subdued and using it more as an accent to your look?



Studs + Leopard

 Shirt - a.n.a // Jeans - J.Crew Factory // Heels - Valentino // Shades - Illesteva // Purse - Milly // Necklace - Urban Outfitters

I snagged these jeans in a half asleep purchase while perusing online sales and while that may have been an extremely dumb idea, these jeans are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I could live in them every day they are so comfortable! I have a feeling these will be well worn for quite a while :)

 I sized up when buying them since I have larger calves and was expecting these to be a skinny jean, but they haphazardly became the perfect boyfriend jean for my body type! Gotta love spontaneous purchases that work out so even better than anticipated!...not that I should encourage myself from doing it again...like right now ;)



Pastels + Gingham

 Shirt - J.Crew // Jacket - Tory Burch // Jeans - J Brand // Shoes - Sam Edelman // Scarf - Subtle Luxury (similar) // Shades - Ray-Ban // Jewelry - H&M, Urban Outfitters

 Happy Monday everyone!
This weekend did not start so fun with me having to stay in Friday night for my Saturday math final, but quickly picked up once said final was finished. The rest of the time was spent with family (both sisters and my aunt were in town!), taking long walks through my favorite park, going out with friends, and eating lots of delicious food. And coffee. Lots of coffee. 

I hope you all are recovered from the weekend and Cinco de Mayo celebrations! I know I will be feeling the pain this week from lack of sleep, but hey it's all worth it when you can maximize quality time with those whose company you enjoy :)



She's Always Buzzing Just Like Neon

Dress - J.Crew (old, crave-worthy dress here) // Shoes - Madewell (similar) // Clutch - J.Crew Factory // Hat - J.Crew (25% off sale going on now!) // Jewelry - J.Crew, H&M, Urban Outfitters // Shades - Ray-Ban // Nails - Essie "avenue maintain"

Wearing and accessorizing with bright, neon colors is an easy way to add a little happiness to your day. Bold and bright colors are a favorite of mine come spring and don't leave my wardrobe rotation until it snows (and maybe then some).

 It's funny to think that when I was little my favorite color was black! It was all I wanted to wear and the only marker I would use for drawing pictures. Dark colors and black are still a favorite of mine, but luckily I've opened up to other hues outside of the grayscale ;)

-Meagan :)