Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

My family is made up of my mom and dad, two sisters, and our crazy cat Miko. My dad would like to joke around and complain that he was the lonely male in a house full of women and estrogen and the poor cat didn't count as a guy since he was neutered.With all these ladies in my life, Christmas shopping is mostly centered around gifts that they would enjoy. 

(1) French Press from Lord & Taylor for Amy: It is no secret to anyone that my younger sister and myself love coffee...I mean, both of our blog titles revolve around our love for the bean. This french press is both eye catching and tough (designed to be used in caf├ęs and restaurants) and would be used a lot.

(2) Glitter clutch for Katie: My college roommates and I had a thing for glitter and anything sparkly and girly. For Katie's birthday, we had a pink and purple themed party where we literally threw pink and purple glitter and tinsel throughout our entire house. It looked awesome but wasn't so awesome to pick up the next morning. Katie also loves purses both big and small, combine that with glitter and it's a guaranteed gift success.

(3) "I Have No Regrets" Print for Addie: I love France and all things French (Hello baguettes, Paris, macarons, Provence, champagne! I'll stop there..) and my college roommate Addie feels the same way. We both went to Paris in high school with our French class and have wanted to go back again since then. Addie has an eye for cool posters and prints and this one would be a great addition to her collection.

(4) Nail polish for Jordan: What girl doesn't like to paint their nails every so often? My old roommate and friend Jordan (or Red as I call her) goes past the term like to near obsession. Almost every day Red would have a new coat of polish on her nails or she was in search of that perfect shade of red or whatever color she was feeling. A bunch of nail polishes in the latest trending colors like this Wicked shade from Essie would make a nice stocking stuffer for Red or any girl who loves her mani-pedi's.

(5) Buffalo Check Plaid Shirt for Mom: my mom has always been the kind of person who wants presents that are "practical". Every year when we ask her what she wants for Christmas she replies with something like socks or a new oven pan. A comfy plaid shirt like this one from J.Crew would fall in her idea of practical, being the type of shirt she could wear around the house or going out somewhere. The style and pattern give it that dual power of being able to look casual yet put together.

(6) Wine scented candle for Eileen: Ever since I saw these candles at the cute boutique Rock, Paper, Scissors in Ann Arbor, I have been wanting to go back to buy one for myself my sister Eileen. In the past year or two, Eileen has gotten into more home decor and likes to have candles lit in her apartment when she is studying and relaxing with her roommate. With wine being her drink of choice, a Riesling scented candle would blend right into the aesthetic of her kitchen and dining area! If it were me I would go with the Pinot Grigio or Champagne scented candle ;)

(7) Monogrammed necklace for my mom, sisters, and me: My sisters are both in school on the west side of the state while my mom and I are hanging out together on the east side of Michigan. Being separated from them makes me sad often times and I know it makes my mom sad that she doesn't see them more, so a monogram necklace with our last name's initial for each of us would be a nice way to feel more close and connected.


A Week of Thanks

Coat: Banana Republic (old, but similar here), Shirt (not seen): Forever 21, Scarf: J.Crew (old), Leggings: Hollister (old), Booties: Report via Piperlime

As I've gotten older, Thanksgiving has climbed up my list of favorite holidays. It isn't often that my sisters and I are able to be together for more than a day, let alone with our cousins and extended family. This week of family really made me realize just how lucky I am for the great people in my life and their good company, who are always a source of laughter and joy that kick-starts the holiday season on a happy note.


Cousin and Sibling Time!

Turtleneck: J.Crew, Shirt: J.Crew (old, but other colors here), Vest: J.Crew, Jeans: Hollister (old), Necklace: Bauble Bar, Watch: Fossil

The passing of the chain
One curious kitty watching from afar :)

Thanksgiving is pretty much synonymous with family time. This year we were lucky enough to have our cousins Matt and Daniel come visit for the week and act like our goofy selves with one another. Growing up as kids, we spent almost the entire summer together every year between us visiting them in North Carolina for a couple weeks and then them staying with us for about a month. They became like the brothers we never had, and so whenever we are able to get together is special and fun. Today's weather was a (rare) lovely November day and when I returned from work we ran around and played outside just like we did as kids. We may be older, but some things never change :)


Comfort and Sparkle this Holiday Season

Comfort and Sparkle this Holiday Season

This time of year as the weather turns all I want to wear is big, comfy sweaters and leggings. However, with the holidays there are always events and parties to attend where I still want to look put together but maintain my comfort (and warmth) while looking respectable. The holiday season also makes me want to add a little pizazz into my outfits to keep my spirits bright to match the festivities. Throwing some glitter and sparkle into an ensemble, whether it be something bold like a dress or shorts or subtle like a bracelet or nail polish, always seems to do the trick for me. Here are some of the things I'm liking as of late that would be nice for these upcoming months of cold weather, holiday parties, and a plate with a frenchie to make me smile when I'm missing the warm weather :)



( Image via Pixdaus)

wanderlust: (n.) a very strong desire and irresistible impulse to explore and discover the world.

I've been hit with a serious case of wanderlust this past week. It first began with the realization of how close the holidays are upon us and the thought of how a break from work will be nice, and then how much nicer a break would be with a little bit of traveling thrown in. This all got me to thinking about my very good friend who is currently in Lebanon teaching at a Christian school. Before she left the states, we had discussed planning a European adventure once her school year is finished and with my yearning for travel, I want to get the ball rolling with the travel plans.

Then to top it all off, my dad announced that he will be retiring at the end of next year (surprise Eileen and Amy!!) and was listing all the places he would like to see and explore. So far the countries at the top of my list of places to see are Italy, Germany, England, Denmark, Turkey, and Greece...to name a few :)

Where would you go on a European adventure or anywhere else in the world?


Wishful Thinking Wednseday

Wishful Thinking Wednseday
Sweater: Aerie | Jeans: James Jeans | Watch: Michael Kors | Trench: Burberry London | Purse: Coach | Ankle Booties: J.Crew
The work week is nearly through, woohoo! While I sit at my desk sending emails and crunching numbers, I'll dream about adding these pieces to my wardrobe with the overtime money I am slowly accumulating ;)


Awkard and Awesome Thursday

Top: Ann Taylor | Pants: J.Crew | Heels: Calvin Klein

(Inspired by the hilarious and beautiful Sydney from The Day Book)

  • That the barista at the coffee shop remembers me and greets me by name every morning and I can't remember his for the life of me and so I always respond with just a "hey..." and it's too late now to ask what his name is again.
  • That my grandma wants my bulldog sweater and we would be all set for national twin day. Still can't get over it. 
  • One of my coworkers asking me when I was going to go back to school and was completely shocked when I said I graduated from college and am a full-time employee.
  • Same co-worker asking if I was old enough to get drinks with her and some other girls after work.
  • The strand of hair hanging out on my face in the photo above. You scrolled back up to check it out, didn't you?
  • That loaf of pumpkin bread that's again hanging out in the photo above my mom bought for me when I gave up sweets for the month of November. I think she is purposely testing my willpower.
  • Me going "take photos of me and my outfit for my blog, Dad!" then not knowing how to explain what I want him to do and end up with cool photos like this. Dad if you're reading this, I liked the photos you took but I'm compiling a list of girly/fashion blogs for you to read so you understand more what I'm trying to achieve. Sorry I'm not sorry.
  • Those Calvin Klein heels I found for half-price yesterday and how comfortable they ended up being and all the compliments they scored today at work.
  • Tomorrow's Friday!
  • This weekend is the first in a long time where I don't have anything specific to do. Time to start thinking of FUN ways to enjoy my two day break!
  • Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer and my sisters will be home along with my cousins and aunt visiting from out of town. My anticipation keeps building and building with each passing day!
  • Payday is tomorrow. With switching over from temp to full-time employee, I have not been paid in four weeks. My wallet is crying from money starvation.  
  • All the sales/deals conveniently going on tomorrow and this weekend when I get paid ;)

If I can't have a bulldog, then I'll have a bulldog sweater

A spectacularly spooky sunset on Halloween

Clothing: All shamelessly j.crew | Bag: Dooney & Bourke

I'm sorry I've been away for so long! Sadly, nothing exciting has really happened during my blog absence. This blog was started originally as a way for my sisters and I to keep up on each others' lives, and I feel guilty that I sort of dropped the ball on this :(

This blog also started with the intention of being "fashion"-influenced. My sisters and friends can vouch for me that I spend a lot of time reading different blogs and lusting over their outfits, fun trips, and cool events they attend (not to mention the food they eat!). I'm hoping as I get better with being consistent in my blog post-making that I can start incorporating this more into what I publish.

Speaking of clothes and fashion, I have been feeling very conflicted lately....this bulldog sweater displayed above is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I've had many people ask about it at work and at places around town....including my grandma. In fact she likes it so much she asked me to pick one up for her if I found one in her size. I'm torn because it is obviously an awesome sweater and kudos to Gma for having good taste, BUT - I just don't know if I can go around being clothing twins with my grandma haha.

What would YOU do, proudly wear matching sweaters with your grandma or try and find something similar that she would equally enjoy?