Western Vibe

 Vest - Denim & Supply // Dress - LOFT (old, similar here) // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Shades - Ray-Ban

Hey y'all! ;)

I thought I'd give a few life updates since it's been a while since I last posted:

- I was offered a promotion! I've really bounced around at work with my jobs in the year that I've been employed with the company. I still love the people and what I do, which I realize for a first job out of college is something I should not take for granted nor forget!

-Speaking of my work and college, it's been one year since I graduated from MSU. Unreal. And I'm approaching my one year anniversary at my current place of employment. Even more unreal.

-My Europe trip is 3 weeks away! I already started planning my outfits ;) I probably should practice packing...

-After way too long of a break, I've begun running again! And holy guacamole, I am out of shape! I'm literally beginning from square one with my running base, which hasn't happened since I had mono 5 years ago! My poor calves did not know what hit them when I ran a hilly 4 mile route Sunday.

-I've been reading a lot lately. My new favorite book: The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel by Katja Millay. Add this to your summer must-read list if it is not on there already! As soon as I finished it, I started re-reading it; I loved it that much.

-My department at work is going for drinks/dinner at a whiskey bar and restaurant tomorrow...think this outfit would work? ;)


Welcome to the Jungle

Shirt - Topshop // Shorts - J.Crew (old, similar here and here) // Purse - J.Crew Factory // Shoes - Valentino // Turquoise Cuff - Local Boutique (love this one!) // Friendship Bracelet - Made by me :)

Hola lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Unfortunately for me, I came down with a sinus infection Thursday night and spent the last few days not feeling the best. I had made it through multiple rounds of what seemed like the plague at work sick-free and thought I was in the clear. And of course it seems you always get sick before the weekend, right?

With that being said, getting sick provided me with the opportunity to slow down and just relaxxxx. Oftentimes my weekends are go-go-go, and by the time Monday rolls around I'm still worn out and in in need of a recharge. I won't lie that it's been pretty nice to lounge around, scroll through Pinterest, and window shop online for a good portion of my day ;) Now if I could only find a way to do that when I'm healthy and get paid for it, then life would be good!

-Meagan :)

 P.S. One last photo for your enjoyment...me just trying to blend into my surroundings ;) After so many pictures, things start to get weird!