Camel x Navy: My Last-Second Look

Comfort vs. Style ;)

 Hat - gift shop (similar) | Raincoat - Tory Burch (old, love this one) | Vest - J.Crew | Sweater - J.Crew | Top - J.Crew Factory (similar) | Jeans - AG Jeans | Shoes - New Balance | Earrings - J.Crew | Purse - J.Crew

The weatherman was spot on with his forecast for this weekend: it was chilly and rainy all day Saturday until the evening where we were blessed with bitter cold but spectacular sunset views over the bay.

As soon as I saw the weather was going to be as predicted, I grabbed for my go-to outfit without a second thought (also seen in this post). I wear this look quite frequently in cooler temperatures like this as it is comfortable but stylish and I feel put-together when I wear it, the pieces have a more timeless look so they work for both casual and more upscale events (usually trade out my jeans for ones without holes when that's the case), and the layers allow me to adjust to the temperatures as the day progresses.

I have a few other looks that act as a sort of security blanket I rotate through in my closet. For someone who frequently oversleeps and has to get ready for work in 10-15 minutes, these looks are lifesavers; I can always rely on to grab them in a pinch and look like I spent more time getting ready! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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  1. Beautiful photos, great outfit for a fun filled day.