Camel x Navy: My Last-Second Look

Comfort vs. Style ;)

 Hat - gift shop (similar) | Raincoat - Tory Burch (old, love this one) | Vest - J.Crew | Sweater - J.Crew | Top - J.Crew Factory (similar) | Jeans - AG Jeans | Shoes - New Balance | Earrings - J.Crew | Purse - J.Crew

The weatherman was spot on with his forecast for this weekend: it was chilly and rainy all day Saturday until the evening where we were blessed with bitter cold but spectacular sunset views over the bay.

As soon as I saw the weather was going to be as predicted, I grabbed for my go-to outfit without a second thought (also seen in this post). I wear this look quite frequently in cooler temperatures like this as it is comfortable but stylish and I feel put-together when I wear it, the pieces have a more timeless look so they work for both casual and more upscale events (usually trade out my jeans for ones without holes when that's the case), and the layers allow me to adjust to the temperatures as the day progresses.

I have a few other looks that act as a sort of security blanket I rotate through in my closet. For someone who frequently oversleeps and has to get ready for work in 10-15 minutes, these looks are lifesavers; I can always rely on to grab them in a pinch and look like I spent more time getting ready! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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 I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I will be trying to stay warm while enjoying the best cookies ever from Tom's Mom's Cookies in my favorite place ever (a few pictures above and a few more featured in this post a couple years ago). If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited for my weekend Up North :)

I might be biased, but northern Michigan is a pretty fabulous place and if you've never been I hope you get the chance to someday experience it for yourself and fall in love with it like I have.

Si Quæris Peninsulam Amœnam Circumspice
("If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you")


Prints X Purple

 Dress- Obey | Sweater - Max Studio (similar) | Shoes - Tahari (nearly identical pair here) | Purse - J.Crew (old, love this mini bucket bag!) | Shades - Ray-Ban

Lately you can find me oftentimes in soft colors and flowy pieces. As Michigan is surrounded 3/4 by water, we have very humid summers where too many layers means within 15 minutes of being outside, you are going to be drenched and your clothes sticking to your skin. 

The airiness of this dress and sweater (to keep the sun off my shoulders and the rest of the time around my waist because you know, it's hot) feels so apt for the season and there is nothing better than being comfortable when dressing up!

 What pieces do you gravitate towards in warmer weather?


Summer Reading x Weekend Comfort

My family and I are planning our first trip Up North to our cottage this weekend and I am so unbelievably excited to be back in my favorite place in the world! Sadly, I looked at the weather forecast for the days we will be there and it is looking cold and rainy. 

On the bright side, my cottage is also one of my favorite places to curl up, get cozy, and read a good book. Below I've listed out some of the books I've read this spring and plan on reading throughout the summer season. I also couldn't resist compiling a cozy lounge look that would be perfect for a day of curling up with a good story :)

  • Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - I read this book in a day and a half and even that wasn't fast enough. I gobbled up this story and am now anxiously waiting for the sequel to be released (have to wait until 2016, boo!). If you like Dystopia fiction and Fantasy, this is a cool fusion of the two genres.
  • The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson - I've heard so many good things about this non-fiction book, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to purchase. The fact it is a true story about a serial killer using the Chicago World Fair to lure in his victims makes it all the more spooky and enticing!
  • The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay - My favorite standalone book (Harry Potter is my favorite series, of course :) ). Girl haunted by a traumatic event in her past moves to a new town and crosses paths with a boy who seems cursed by death surrounding him. I can't do this book justice in just a few sentences - please, please, please check it out!
  • Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - I always love mystery books when laying out on the beach. This book presents itself as a fast-paced, easy read that leaves you wanting to know whodunnit?

Happy Reading!

I'd love to hear your book recommendations in the comments below!


Ripped Denim x Neon

 Top - Forever 21 (old, very similar option here) | Cami - J.Crew Factory (on sale!) | Jeans - AG Adriano Goldschmied | Shoes - J.Crew (old, cute pair here) | Clutch - J.Crew Factory (love this option) | Shades - Ray-Ban

 I wore this outfit to a Cinco de Mayo party a few weeks ago and had to recycle it again this weekend. It's finally summer weather and while I love my neutrals (I sometimes wonder if gray is my favorite color), I can't resist a look with a good pop of color!

I had accidentally shrunk the top (I'm apparently still learning how to do laundry) and it had been sitting in my closet pretty much since I wore it on my Italy trip (post here). Luckily, crop tops are in now and I don't feel as silly wearing it out and about. I layered it with a cami that perfectly matched the embroidery for a weekend gathering to be a little more family friendly.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend with family and friends!

 Side story: I thought this shirt was ruined at the Cinco party after a whole glass of red sangria spilled on my back (risks of taking group photos at a party centered around tequila I guess ;) ). By some miracle I managed to get the entire thing out! It may be shrunk, but it isn't stained :)