I am slowly waking up from my winter hibernation!

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from a coworker inviting me to be a part of her Spring Fashion Face-Off she was beginning in May. 

Now, mind you, we had another bitter cold winter and I had fallen into a slump of rotating through the same jeans and sweaters week in and out. When I read her invitation stating "be prepared to show those toes!", my fashion blogger side came alive and was ready to take on the challenge :)

It was so much fun every night having to rummage through my clothes, trying to come up with new outfits I had never worn to work. It made me realize how much this blog and dressing up serves as an outlet for me to channel my creative side, which my work does not provide (when you're dealing with people's commissions and federal regulations, there isn't much room for creativity), which is why I plan on reviving Running on Coffee and putting in a much stronger effort to be consistent.

In the meantime as I build some content for my page, enjoy some pictures from the last few months. I was lucky enough to visit Nashville, Alabama, New England, and enjoy the great places right in my own backyard. 

Happy Mother's Day!
(Side story, someone thought my sister was my mom today at our Mother's Day brunch and told me my time would come soon -_- the rest of my family, including my mom and grandma, found this very amusing)

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  1. So so many great photos. Love these post. You look beautiful as always, love. xx

    Fash Boulevard