Exploring Europe: Venizia

Venice: the real life Disney World

When my friend Lindsey and I arrived in the city famous for its canals and gondolas, all we could say to each other was this place could not be an actual city. It was too beautiful and uniquie and unlike any other city we have ever seen, that the only explanation for its existence was someone with an extroadinary imagination envisioned this place for the purpose of attracting tourists.

When walking by foot to find Saint Mark's Square, it is quite literally a maze. The only way we really found our way to the city's center was with signs hung up on buildings and following the droves of people who seemed to be headed to the same place. The walking paths were tiny alleyways that fit two people across and half the time we would be walking only to find ourselves at a dead end. Fortunately though, the scenery is so breathtaking that you don't mind spending an hour finding your way. :)

Venice, our time there was short but oh so sweet and I cannot wait to visit you again!

- Meagan :)

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