Bonjour, Paris!

When my friend and I were planning our trip to Europe, we tried to go to places we both had never been because honestly, who knows how many opportunities we will have in our lives to go on a trip like this again. But there was one place that both of us had been but we knew we had to make another visit: Paris!

Since we had already seen the City of Light before, we kept it short to optimize time in other unseen cities but of course Paris was still amazing. We went to Laduree and ate lots of delicious macarons, took the train out to Versailles and saw the unbelievable gardens (side note: doesn't the picture of me running in the hedges remind you of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during the Triwizard tournament?! Haha I'm such a nerd, I saw these and had to get a picture!) and farm, and had a picnic on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower with cheese, baguettes, and champagne while we watched it sparkle on the hour until midnight.

Funny story about the picnic: we stayed until midnight when the sparkling stopped and were getting ready to take the metro rail back to our hostel, but I needed to use the bathroom before leaving. For some reason, all the public bathrooms were closed so we stopped and got dessert at a restaurant nearby and used their facilities. We went to the subway and just missed a train, but another one came two minutes later. We had to change trains at another stop and while we are waiting for the next train, a subway worker comes out and tells us the trains are done for the night and we will have to find our way back on our own! By this time it is 1 AM and we are miles and miles away from where we stayed.

As we are trying to figure out what we are going to do, we remembered we had paid to use the city bikes for 24 hours and there were still a few hours left we could use them. We saw some bikes nearby, grabbed two, and aimlessly biked back in the direction we thought we needed to go. Somehow, we actually were able to make it back! Our hostel was by the Moulin Rouge and by this time of night there were what my mom calls "Ladies of the Night" hanging out on the street, and we got a lot of cat calls biking past there hahaha but we made it and I was never so relieved to lie down and go to sleep!

Also, I chose not to tell my parents about us being lost in Paris at night until after I made it home safely :) it was a little scary, but also one of my favorite memories of the trip!

Happy Wednesday :)

P.S. This picture below was a mistake of having my shutter speed too slow, but also one of my favorite pictures while in Paris. Doesn't it look like we were at a crazy, spectacular light show?


  1. So many gorgeous pictures! I got to spend a weekend in Paris during college, but it wasn't nearly long enough. I'm dying to go back!

  2. oh my gosh, I want to go! These pictures are seriously stunning.

    Up now, a little gift from Lauren Conrad & the nail wrap collection I designed.