All Black Everything

Sweater - J.Crew // Skort - Zara // Boots - Isabel Marant // Backpack - Coach // Shades - Ray-Ban 

 I guess you can say I was a little strange as a child: I used to climb the support pole in our basement and watch tv for hours while hanging up top, I wrote a letter to the Spice Girls asking them to come to me and my neighbor's sleepover, and if you asked me my favorite color when I was 3 years old I would have told you black and that it was the only marker I would use when drawing. 

While the answer to that question quickly changed to pink, I've reverted to appreciating the hue and have slowly but surely started adding it in to my wardrobe. It truly is a color that works with everything and is flattering for everyone. Perhaps I wasn't weird so much as a child but a born-to-be aspiring New Yorker with fashion foresight. No, still weird? Ok. :)



  1. you can never go wrong with all black! and im lovingggg those leather pocket details! x

    & Pretty Things

  2. Gorgeous outfit!!! 2 thumbs up for me. It's styled perfectly!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  3. I love an all black look especially with the leather detailing and jeweled booties. Very edgy.


  4. i love this look and am completely obsessed with that sweater!

    xo brie