Red, White, and Plaid

Jacket - Miss Selfridge // Sweater- Forever 21 (love this one!) // Jeans - 7FAM // Boots - Old Navy (old, similar here) // Hat - J.Crew // Scarf - Local shop // Purse - Coach (vintage, similar option here)

A quick hello from freezing cold Michigan! 
(Took these pictures in literally two minutes because 10 degrees in November is just unacceptable. Bring back the forties, Mother Nature!)

This weekend consisted of watching a lot of cross country running (my little sister's team won Div. II Nationals, woohoo!),  drinking tons of coffee to stay warm, fan-girling over Catching Fire, and cleaning in preparation for my aunt and cousins' arrival today.

As much as I love and look forward to eating (and eating, and eating...) all the delicious food on Thanksgiving, my favorite part of the holiday is spending time with my family members who we don't get to see as often as we would like. My cousins, sisters, and I are all very close and it is a guarantee whenever we all get together we are in for a crazy-weird, but awesome time. Perhaps this year we will get The Nacho Band back together for a post-meal performance. And yes, The Nacho Band was a real thing. Our #1 single? Nacho Man (just switch out "nacho" for "macho" in The Macho Man song and you'll get the idea). You know you're jealous of how cool we are :)

Happy Tuesday! Safe travels this holiday!

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  1. Love the jacket! It is way too cold in NYC too! I am having trouble finding clothes that are warm and still fashionable...puffer coats don't really do it for most readers;).

    Check out my new blog post if you get a chance.