If I can't have a bulldog, then I'll have a bulldog sweater

A spectacularly spooky sunset on Halloween

Clothing: All shamelessly j.crew | Bag: Dooney & Bourke

I'm sorry I've been away for so long! Sadly, nothing exciting has really happened during my blog absence. This blog was started originally as a way for my sisters and I to keep up on each others' lives, and I feel guilty that I sort of dropped the ball on this :(

This blog also started with the intention of being "fashion"-influenced. My sisters and friends can vouch for me that I spend a lot of time reading different blogs and lusting over their outfits, fun trips, and cool events they attend (not to mention the food they eat!). I'm hoping as I get better with being consistent in my blog post-making that I can start incorporating this more into what I publish.

Speaking of clothes and fashion, I have been feeling very conflicted lately....this bulldog sweater displayed above is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I've had many people ask about it at work and at places around town....including my grandma. In fact she likes it so much she asked me to pick one up for her if I found one in her size. I'm torn because it is obviously an awesome sweater and kudos to Gma for having good taste, BUT - I just don't know if I can go around being clothing twins with my grandma haha.

What would YOU do, proudly wear matching sweaters with your grandma or try and find something similar that she would equally enjoy?

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