I Promised Amateur Photos and I Delivered

Life post-marathon has been pretty much the same as life pre-marathon, except I haven't worked out once since the race...I feel like I earned a small break though but I am starting to get antsy and feel the need to do some form of exercise again. I was an avid dancer for 11 years of my life and have been curious about the Pure Barre fad that has been going on the past few years. I looked up the scheduling and pricing for the studio nearest me and they have a deal for new students where you get 10 days for $20 which I plan on taking full advantage of and will post about my experience in the future.

My last post I forewarned whoever reading that I bought my new camera and would be spamming up my blog with my beginner photos so I just couldn't let you down and not show any ;) so enjoy! (or not)

Shirt: J.Crew | Pants : Forever 21 | Loafers: Me Too via TJ Maxx

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