Weekend Adventure: Running Around Chicago

The weekend is here again! I'm currently sitting at my sister's kitchen table typing this post, and I almost forgot I had a week of work in between being here again and visiting for Art Prize on Sunday. I arrived here late this evening and had dinner with my sisters and dad that was filled with yummy food, coffee, and laughter :) My dad traveled to the west side of The Mitten to watch my younger sister's cross country race, where she won and had a huge PR! Good job lil sis!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get off work early enough to catch her race, but it was nice having some time with both my sisters again enjoying each others' company.

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Why did I drive out here if I wasn't going to watch my sister's race you ask? The reason for my visit to Grand Rapids is because...*drum roll*

(image via photorun.net)
 The Chicago Marathon is on Sunday! My older sister and I will be participating in the race through the Windy City this weekend and are driving there tomorrow where we will stay with our good friend (who is also running!) at her apartment. Just thinking about the race right now causes little butterflies in my stomach to flit around...I haven't been this nervous yet excited for a race in years! Never running anything like this before, I honestly have no clue what to expect and just hope to finish in one piece :) You can definitely expect a post soon after the race about the entire experience and inevitable pain and if I'll ever considering running a marathon again! Until then, enjoy this Ellen video I found that has helped me take my mind off of the race (Atticus is too cute!)

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