Arts and Crafts

My work is having a contest on who can make the best sign and most creative for their department and the winning group gets a free lunch prepared by our CEO. Two things I've learned in the short time I've worked here: 1. Competitions are serious business 2. Competitions involving food are extremely serious business. Today our group reserved a conference room where for the next hour and a half we get feathers flying all over the place that I'm not sure the cleaning crew will ever be able to fully clean up.
My name monster and his girlfriend/cubby partner

 We all really got into the sign idea and decided to make our own mini signs to go with our department sign and to have a common and unified theme. Next Friday will be difficult to get through next week not having arts and crafts time (and all the desserts and tasty dishes from our potluck we had today!)

My daily morning coffee from the local coffee shop across the street (nail polish | Essie "Wicked")

Outfit: Shirt | Forever 21, Sweater | J.Crew, Pants | Ann Taylor, Bracelet | J.Crew, Watch | Fossil, Shoes (not shown) | BCBGeneration

Loving polka dots lately ( I want every item from Kate Spade's "Art of the Dot" collection!)

P.s. I bought my camera last night!!! :) I bought it last night and didn't have time to play with it and I practiced shooting macro photos with it after work today. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon and will have some blog-worthy pictures up shortly!!


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  1. 1. Love that you cited the nail polish in your coffee-cup photo.
    2. Love that it's called 'Wicked'
    3. I ONLY buy Essie polish! There's no accounting for taste. :)