Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

My family is made up of my mom and dad, two sisters, and our crazy cat Miko. My dad would like to joke around and complain that he was the lonely male in a house full of women and estrogen and the poor cat didn't count as a guy since he was neutered.With all these ladies in my life, Christmas shopping is mostly centered around gifts that they would enjoy. 

(1) French Press from Lord & Taylor for Amy: It is no secret to anyone that my younger sister and myself love coffee...I mean, both of our blog titles revolve around our love for the bean. This french press is both eye catching and tough (designed to be used in caf├ęs and restaurants) and would be used a lot.

(2) Glitter clutch for Katie: My college roommates and I had a thing for glitter and anything sparkly and girly. For Katie's birthday, we had a pink and purple themed party where we literally threw pink and purple glitter and tinsel throughout our entire house. It looked awesome but wasn't so awesome to pick up the next morning. Katie also loves purses both big and small, combine that with glitter and it's a guaranteed gift success.

(3) "I Have No Regrets" Print for Addie: I love France and all things French (Hello baguettes, Paris, macarons, Provence, champagne! I'll stop there..) and my college roommate Addie feels the same way. We both went to Paris in high school with our French class and have wanted to go back again since then. Addie has an eye for cool posters and prints and this one would be a great addition to her collection.

(4) Nail polish for Jordan: What girl doesn't like to paint their nails every so often? My old roommate and friend Jordan (or Red as I call her) goes past the term like to near obsession. Almost every day Red would have a new coat of polish on her nails or she was in search of that perfect shade of red or whatever color she was feeling. A bunch of nail polishes in the latest trending colors like this Wicked shade from Essie would make a nice stocking stuffer for Red or any girl who loves her mani-pedi's.

(5) Buffalo Check Plaid Shirt for Mom: my mom has always been the kind of person who wants presents that are "practical". Every year when we ask her what she wants for Christmas she replies with something like socks or a new oven pan. A comfy plaid shirt like this one from J.Crew would fall in her idea of practical, being the type of shirt she could wear around the house or going out somewhere. The style and pattern give it that dual power of being able to look casual yet put together.

(6) Wine scented candle for Eileen: Ever since I saw these candles at the cute boutique Rock, Paper, Scissors in Ann Arbor, I have been wanting to go back to buy one for myself my sister Eileen. In the past year or two, Eileen has gotten into more home decor and likes to have candles lit in her apartment when she is studying and relaxing with her roommate. With wine being her drink of choice, a Riesling scented candle would blend right into the aesthetic of her kitchen and dining area! If it were me I would go with the Pinot Grigio or Champagne scented candle ;)

(7) Monogrammed necklace for my mom, sisters, and me: My sisters are both in school on the west side of the state while my mom and I are hanging out together on the east side of Michigan. Being separated from them makes me sad often times and I know it makes my mom sad that she doesn't see them more, so a monogram necklace with our last name's initial for each of us would be a nice way to feel more close and connected.

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