Bedazzled Boho

 Shirt - ASOS // Shorts - VS PINK (want this pair) // Ankle Booties - Isabel Marant (similar) // Jewelry - ASOS, H&M (similar) // Shades - Ray-Ban

 For the past week I've been meeting my dad after work and going for a 5 mile walk with him through our favorite parks. Ann Arbor gets its name from the large number of trees found in the city and it does its best to preserve the nature for all to enjoy. Ann Arbor is the equivalency of a small Portland, Oregon and you will find many people biking, running, and being active all year round throughout the city and parks. The best part is most of the nature parks are connected or close enough together where you never have to repeat areas when working out!

I quickly snapped these pictures at the park before I changed into walking clothes and got all sweaty :) There are three farm ducks that were dropped off and now live at the park and I'm obsessed with...they are so cute! The trio wander around together and are surprisingly friendly; sadly, they were not in the mood for a photo op :(

I hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! Mine will be spent in Grand Rapids with my sisters then visiting my Grandma and jumping off hay bales on my uncle's dairy farm. :)



  1. I love this top! It's so fun with the denim cut-offs too. Have a great weekend!


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  2. I love this boho look! That shirt and the shoes are fabulous.


  3. That embellished top is definitely a WOW piece! Great eye!

    Blonde in this City