School is Back in Session!

School Badges: ML Badges // Gingham Bracelet: Tory Burch // Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company // Shirt: Quiksilver // Blazer: Lacoste (on sale!) // Leggings: J.Crew // Boots: Tory Burch


While I didn't make any resolutions for myself this year, I did sit down and think about what sort of career I want in the future. From this I created a career plan where I wrote out what I needed to accomplish in order to obtain my ideal job. The first part of the plan began with going back to school. I need to complete a few courses before I can move on to the next part of the plan, which is grad school and passing a series of exams to become certified to work as an actuary. 

In my excitement of returning to the classroom, I put together a "school uniform" mixed with my own personal style. I won't lie, if I were required to wear something along these lines to class all the time, I'd be one happy camper :)

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