Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Meagan and I'm a recent college graduate experiencing my first year in the "adult world". I created this blog as a way for my sisters and whoever is interested to keep up with my life and as a pseudo diary that I can look back at in later years and remember the emotions I felt whether good or bad, and the little moments that shined but somehow escaped my memory over time.

The name and title of my blog come from my love for dressing up, drinking coffee, and running which has played a major role in my life in the past ten years. As I continue posting here, you will probably find these three things to be a common theme throughout my writing and daily life....along with pictures of my cat here and there :)

Also, if anyone is interested in reading my sisters' blogs, you can find them at the following sites:

Older sister - http://runeatnurse.blogspot.com
Little sister - http://the-coffeemonster.blogspot.com

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