Working 9 to 5..give or take a few hours

Today was a day filled with work, work, and more work. I was very recently hired into a full-time position with the company I had been working for previously part-time. While this is great for my bank account, it makes for quite the boring blog post :)

 I started my day off right with a big bowl of thick rolled oats cooked in vanilla almond milk and topped with strawberries and cookie butter. Cookie butter is my new best friend recent addiction and it's so indulgent but I don't care and it has become my topping of choice for basically anything.

Little pumpkins to add some fall festivity to my desk
 I made it to work by 8:15 after stopping at the coffee shop close to the office to pick up their largest Americano. I had the feeling I was in for a long, hectic day of work and my instincts were definitely on point.
Cute Pluot I had as a snack that resembled a heart-shaped apple
I wound up staying at the office from 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 p.m., only stepping out once to run and grab some dinner to bring back and eat at my desk because I was beginning to get dizzy. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day as well (possibly crazier), so my day will probably be pretty similar to what it was today. Honestly though, I don't have anything else to do so I might as well work and save up some more money :) I'm saving up for a trip to Europe next summer with my best friend so any extra money I earn will be going into that fund.

(Outfit details: shirt | j.crew, sweater | j.crew, pants | Gap, Wedges | BCBGeneration via TJ Maxx, Jewelry | j.crew, Fossil, gift from friend)

New blazer and trench coat from Banana Republic; wore the trench coat to work
 I'm also saving for a new camera. My digital camera I currently own was my present for my 16th birthday and it is a little worse for the wear and outdated. What I hope to buy is a Canon Rebel T3i so I can take better pictures for the blog (and spare you from all the self-shot iPhone pictures!) and have a quality camera for my European adventure :)

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