Don't be the Weakest Link this Holiday Season!

Link Up!

The words chain and link bring back random but funny memories  from when I was younger: making paper chains in school for the holidays...chain letters kids from class would always email you and you too would cave and send it to ten people in hopes that maybe this time your crush will actually ask you out like the email promised...the craze of Who Wants to be a Millionare and the similar show The Weakest Link with the scary, mean British lady host who you would always try and mimic her accent ("You ARE, the weakest link!")...linking arms on the playground playing Red Rover, I don't miss those sore red arms!

Nowadays, I like to use chains as a way to sass up an outfit. I've practically been living in my Bauble Bar gold chain necklace these past few weeks and I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. Chain link accessories seem to have the ability to add some edge to an outfit but at the same time enhance its feminine qualities. I don't know how they do it but I'm all for it!

Hop on the chain link train with these pieces:

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