Life in Pictures

 New coat arrived just in time for the office holiday party!
Cute little raccoon that was hanging out outside the office. Don't worry, this picture was taken behind glass!
 Finally made peace with the cat I was taking care of while housitting!
 Scamper the Dancing Penguin, my new desk partner at work.
Flats I returned...they were cute, but I should have read the fine print when ordering them to see that they were metallic gold glitter! Ah, the follies of online shopping ;)
 Delicious margarita from the new Cuban restaurant Lena downtown. They use their homemade sour mix and "dirty" salt with basil and other herbs to garnish the rim. Tasty!
"Swaggy" - J.Bieber
Dinner from my recently new favorite restaurant, Antonio's. I sent this picture of the bread to my sisters at school and to say they were jealous would be putting it mildly ;) 
Trying to master the art of the bun
Getting personal

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! Today was the first day of a diet I'm trying out where I don't eat gluten or dairy aka the Miley Diet. Like Miley, I'm trying out this diet plan to help prevent symptoms from an autoimmune condition that I have. With the holidays here, this is probably the hardest time to jump on the no-gluten band wagon...everywhere I look there are cookies and candies and everything that I love. While making this post I practically had to wipe the drool off my chin while loading the pasta/bread pictures haha my department at work is having a brunch on Friday which will be my first big test with these new eating guidelines. Wish me luck!

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