Workout Wenesday: Exercising at Home

 With my sisters home this week, I didn't want to waste my free time at the gym that I could be spending with them at home. Instead, I went back to my childhood roots and jumped rope.

Maybe it's because when I was younger I would jump rope or "skip it" (remember that toy? 90's kid here!) frequently, but I do not recall it being so difficult! In just ten minutes' time my calves were on fire and my heart was pumping - yet it was fun! I had a big old grin on my face nearly the entire time..except for the last two minutes :) I was in the zone hoping my legs wouldn't fall off before I finished!

I think what was most surprising with this short workout was how sore I was the next day: my shoulders, calves, and abs ached as if I had done a long lifting session at the gym, but I had only worked out for ten minutes jump roping! It made me think about the other things I liked to do as a kid that could be incorporated into a workout session: hopscotch, rollerblading, jumping on a trampoline, soccer and basketball drills (or even a pickup game!)...there are lots of things that your former child self can inspire you to try!

What was your favorite activity as a child that was secretly good exercise?

For me, it was definitely the hours spent with my friends, cousins, and siblings spent swimming at the lake nearby. As soon as our chores were finished, we were in that lake playing Marco Polo or King of the Raft and were there until our parents called us home for dinner...and sometimes after that! :)


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