Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! After work today I am hopping on the train and heading to the Windy City: Chicago! I haven't been to Chi-town since my marathon and I'm crazy excited to go back! I didn't see much of the city at all while I was there...ok that's a big lie, I saw pretty much the entire city with the race route but I don't remember what anything looked like since I was too focused on finishing ;) Anywho, I'm very much looking forward to checking out the sites, visiting my old college roommate, and seeing the green Chicago River!
(Image via 9to5Chic)
Can we talk about how amazing J.Crew's spring collection is right now? I took advantage of the sales going on in store (20% off all tees and blouses along with the extra 30% off sale items!) and really struggled to stop adding items to my basket. Luckily for my wallet, the store was closing so that made me hold off on buying out their inventory :) I may have to go back and buy some of the printed shorts for when the weather improves...this, this, and this pair of shorts are calling my name!
I found this cocktail recipe after my Saint Patrick's Day work party when I was feeling festive and looking for some fun drink ideas. This one in particular called Emerald Isle caught my attention because of the pretty garnish and the main spirit: Pinot Grigio, my favorite! Goal for the weekend: find a place that will create this drink for me in Chicago.
I saw this arm party picture while scrolling through Pinterest and it made me stop in my tracks. The simple elegance of the watch with the gold jewelry is just so perfect. Now I feel the need to find pieces just like these to wear all the time.
A little Irish blessing to leave you with for the weekend :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Have fun in Chicago this weekend, I'm going to go watch the river dyed too!


    Kristina does the Internets

  2. What? Chicago? Without me? Hahaha.