Blues, Greens, Wishing for Spring

 Jacket - J.Crew (old) // Blazer - H&M (want this one) // Shirt - J.Crew // Jeans - Forever 21 // Booties - Old Navy (similar) // Clutch - J.Crew // Jewelry - J.Crew, ASOS, H&M (similar) // Scarf - J.Crew

 This weekend was spent studying partial derivatives and Lagrange multipliers, and celebrating my dad's birthday. My dad has become a big health nut in recent years, so for his birthday dinner we tried out a vegan restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor called Jazzy Veggie. All of their food was delicious, especially their healthy heart aka sweet potato fries! I could eat those every day and never grow sick of them. :)

Of course, birthday celebrations would be incomplete if we didn't have the whole family together! Because of that, we made a day trip out to Grand Rapids to visit my sisters and of course eat at our favorite Coney Island restaurant (this family loves to eat, if you haven't noticed ;) ).  The rest of the day was spent checking out some new exhibits in the Grand Rapids Art Museum and eating chocolate espresso cake. Yum! :)

It's still cold here in the mitten, but I couldn't resist wearing some fun colors out and about. Maybe if I keep dressing as if it were spring outside, it will eventually warm up?! One can dream!

Happy Monday!

P.S. My sisters and I ended up wearing coordinating colors completely by accident! So, of course, I saw it as a photo opportunity we couldn't pass up...can you tell which individuals weren't too pleased with me about that? ;)

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