Bangs or No Bangs: That is the Question

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I'm getting the hair itch again - no, not because it's dirty (Okay maybe it is a little bit dirty) but because I want to change it up. My hair has been blah and underwhelming to me as of late and bangs seem like a fast and easy solution. When I started my desk job I picked up this bad habit of pulling at my hair while working and in doing so broke most of the hairs surrounding my face, so by getting bangs it would help mask the frizzy short bangs as I painfully and slowly let them grow back.

Now the only problem: what style of bangs? Side swept? Blunt? Long and flowing or short and dense? Maybe bangs aren't such an easy solution after all!


  1. I love bangs! however, I also hate keeping them cut/trimmed etc. its such a love hate!

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    1. My thoughts exactly! I love that extra oomph to an overall look achieved with bangs, but they can be pretty high maintenance...something I'm not the best with handling. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the days of unkempt, greasy bangs matted to my forehead ;)