Fit Thursday: Total Body Workout

This past weekend I spent both days carrying and moving furniture for my grandma that by the time Monday rolled around it felt like I missed the weekend entirely! I took the first few days of the work week to recover with some adequate sleep. This meant I missed out on my Fitness Tuesday series, so I guess Thursday will have to do. Lucky for me there are two days in the week beginning with the letter T ;)

The class of choice this week was Total Body. I arrived 15 minutes early to class and there was already a group of 10 or so people waiting to go in to the exercise studio. The instructor showed up 5 minutes later and greeted most of the people by name. It was obvious by their conversations and interactions that there was a strong following for this course with this instructor. By the time the class began, we had exceeded the studio capacity by 2 or 3 people!

Within the first 5 minutes of class I could tell I was really going to enjoy the workout. My heart was already starting to beat fast and I had a good burn going. What made everything even greater was how helpful the instructor was to me and other newbies. Since there were a lot of regulars, us newbies stuck out quite obviously since we didn't know the usual order of exercises. Each time we started a new exercise, the instructor would come around and tell us if we were doing the exercise correctly and if we weren't he would work with us individually until we mastered the move.

Total Body class worked literally the total body as you would guess by its name. The description from the gym's site read: "Upper body, core, and lower limb workout using dumbbells, resistance bars, stability balls, steps, and bands. Arms, chest, and shoulders get a thorough workout here and your entire body will get the benefits of greater strength and flexibility." I think what I worked the most in this class was my core/abs, since many exercises for legs and arms you need to engage your core for proper technique. That's not to say the other parts of my body didn't get worked out. I felt like Jello by the time I was done! 360 degree squat jumps followed by spider push-ups are no joke!

Verdict: out of the classes I've taken thus far, this one definitely takes the cake. The personal attention from the instructor combined with the toughness of the workout took this class to another level. Plus it was really fun! This class is definitely a repeat, especially with Instructor Bob!

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