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It's finally official: I will be joining my best friend over in Europe for a crazy adventure this summer! We will both fly into and reunite in Frankfurt and fly home from London. Now the question is...where do we go in between?! We both agree Italy will be a stop on our trip (The shopping! I am drooling over the thought already), either Geneva or Zurich in Switzerland, and places in Spain and France.

I also have started researching travel tips, such as how to smartly pack for a large trip and how to not look like a tourist (this is really important to me, for appearance and safety sakes!). It's pretty overwhelming and daunting right now with all the planning there still is to do, but this is the sort of planning that I'm not upset about tackling :)

What are some European destinations that are absolute must see's in your books? And what travel tips have you learned that you absolutely swear by?

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