Outfit details: Coat - J.Crew // Vest - J.Crew // Turtleneck - J.Crew (on sale!)  // Shirt - J.Crew Factory // Pants - Ralph Lauren // Shoes - Madewell // Sunglasses - Gap // Purse - Coach

Today we made the drive across the state to visit my sisters and watch some track races (of course). While it wasn't anything different than we have been doing the last few weekends, it is always just nice to be with my family. It also didn't hurt that we brought home some Tom's Mom's cookies that were delivered to my sister's apartment! Mmm :) the best cookies money can buy.

You may have also noticed that I updated the layout and design of my blog. I am not the most tech savvy person and am not quite sure if everything looks correctly when I switched over, so please if you see anything weird let me know! :)

(Photos taken by my lovely sister, Eileen)

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