On the Banks of the Grand River

Coat - J.Crew // Shirt - J.Crew Factory // Pants - Hollister // Boots - Report // Purse - J.Crew // Gloves - C. Wonder // Necklace - C. Wonder // Sunglasses - Steve Madden // Beanie - Target

My parents and I made the weekly commute to Western Michigan to visit my sisters and watch the littlest one race. The campus where my sisters go to school is divided by this deep ravine and the students pass over this bridge to get from one point of campus to the next. The blend of nature and campus reminded me so much of my alma mater and made me miss it dearly. I can't believe it's nearly been a year since I graduated! It kind of scares me how fast time went by...so much has changed since graduation, it only makes me wonder where I will be this time one year from now. The thought is frightening and exciting!

Where and what do you imagine yourself doing one year from now? 
For me, my dream has been to live and work in DC. I don't know what I'd be doing for employment, I just want to be living in the nation's capitol. If in one year I am sitting in an apartment in DC reading this post, I'll be one happy girl :)


  1. um yes let's all live in dc! you, eileen, linds, and I will all get a condo in alexandria. (PS eileen says 'mansion')